Ludum Dare #30 – Lazyeels Game Engine v0.2

Hi Ludum Darers,

Just wanted to share my code library (Javascript) as referenced by the Ludum Dare rules.  It’s the start of a game engine, but I haven’t quite designed the API yet, so it’s very much in progress, and there are potential bugs.

I developed it to help me out essentially. So many of the previous dares I’ve done have been spent debugging collisions or basic stuff like loading everything, and so the games have not really had much depth or content.  This time I want to focus on the details of the mechanic and how the player handles, hence the engine.

I’ve used it for prototyping RPGs, platformers, and Isometric games, here is an example video:

The code can be downloaded here. It has an example level using Tiled, and a player object. You can see the result in the below video:


– Title and Loading screens (always forget those).
– Asset loader (images and sound).
– Tiled tilemap loader and renderer.
– Sprite animation.
– Camera (lerping).
– Collision detection.
– Sloped tiles (for platformers).
– Isometric stuff.
– WASD and arrow keys.

I’ve commented as much of the code as I could to help you out, but I recommend you delve in to the engine folders and find code you can use for your own projects, as the engine is not quite there yet.

Good luck with the Jam and see you all on the other side!


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