Wormonger parte uno!

Are you taking part in the Ludum Dare?




You should!

Everyone remembers their first time: the pain, anguish, “why doesn’t this work!!!!?!?!?!!?”… etc. At the end though when the sun rises after submission and you’ve gone to bed exhausted, you wake up with an as-much-as-humanly-possible finished game. And if like me, you spend most of your time making games that remain prototypes, it’s a good feeling to know you finished one.

After the Jam you might be pretty chuffed with your entry and see potential for polishing and possibly release.  That’s exactly what we (LasagneGames) decided to do with our Ludum Dare #29 entry Wormonger for the theme ‘Beneath the Surface’:

Wormonger Title screen

However, there’s no point in releasing it with some extra sheen in its current state. The code base for sure is neither clear nor optimised, and as the saying goes “you can’t polish a sh*t”! So we decided to scrap everything and start building it up again. From this point on I’ll be posting about our progress with our production version, so feel free to follow along if you’re interested.

First steps

I’m using Javascript and Canvas on the coding side, which I’ve developed in to a bit of an engine to help with most of the boiler-plate stuff, and I’ll be sharing some code here and there.

So the first step was to strip the worm back and find a good set of values for size and handling. We’re trying traditional keys in this iteration (WSAD and arrow keys, the previous version used the mouse). We created a demo to tune the worm and found some good values. You can try it yourself, and perhaps suggest some other values that you feel work better (click on the image to open):


 Next step is to add a background for when the worm is above and below ground. Until then, if you want to see the code for this demo you can download it here:

Beware, it may not be the best code or style, and not a lot of it is commented at the moment, but it includes the engine and you might find some useful stuff. Some of the code is based on some real gems from Foundation HTML5 Animation with JavaScript, check it out.

If you have any queries comment or tweet me @Lazyeels.


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