Am I entitled?

Sooooo….. I’m at the stage now where I’m a bit bored of coding and losing interest fast. I find this is usually a good time to work on another section of the game to keep the fire going.

Decided to work on the title screen for Space Mines K2013, I chose Blender3D as my main tool of choice along with Gimp for some post production (nothing that fancy, just layering images).

My main title screen will contain an asteroid (quite an important motif for this game), plus some title text.  Here’s the final result (although things might change as the background image was ‘borrowed’ and used as a place holder – I’ll probably trawl through the free NASA images later).


Blender Render
Here is how I went about it creating the asteroid, although not in very much detail I have to say…

  1. Load up Blender3D (flying start!).
  2. Add a regular 3D sphere from the choice of objects.
  3. Create a cloud material, NB: this effects how your rock or asteroid will appear, i.e. between looking like igneous rock and smooth sandstone, I kept the default value. Screenshot_Blender_render
  4. Apply the cloud material as a displacement map using a displacement modifier (see image below).Screenshot_blender1
  5. Change the amount of displacement until you are truly happy.
  6. I also added a subsurface modifier to make things a bit smoother.
  7. Import and wrap the rock in a texture for added rocky realism, I went for a kind of red sandstone.RockRed

Title titles titles

The title text was inserted using the Blender font tool.  I chose a Sci-fi-esq font and added some bevel and depth to it.  I then apply another subsurface modifier to round out the final result.


The final step is to combine the two meshes together in to the scene and play around with the lighting to match the background image (i.e. from above and behind).


And voila…. the final image manifests itself, as above, using Gimp to add the final background beneath our main title. The title screen features some random asteroids travelling across the screen and some good old scrolling text for the credits and start information (rendered on to a canvas tag).

I’m pretty happy with the result. Blender3D is worth getting your hands on and mastering. It’s not too difficult, the interface has come a long way since I first used it. Shortcut keys are your best friend if you like to work at speed.

Thanks for reading, next time it’ll probably be back to the code. The game has evolved a lot more since the last post, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. 😉


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